View session length at a glance

Quite likely I overlooked something, but I miss a way to check session length at a glance.

Something like a clock next to the Nudge Clock showing Session End: [using same format as Primary Clock]

I’m not sure about your workflow, but for me, that’s what the Ranges & Marks sidebar does. The first range displayed in the “Ranges (including CD Track Ranges)” section is always the one defined by the “start” and “end” location markers. Since Ardour automatically moves the end marker when new content gets added to the session, I just need to have a look at the end of the first range in the list to see where my session ends. The time format can be configured by right-clicking on any of the time displays. Later, when all regions are in place and I just need to fine-tune, I manually set the end marker to the correct position. Granted, it’s not always visible like the timecode in the top toolbar, but it’s still accessible very quickly. Here’s a screenshot so you know what I mean:

If you make the sidebar even wider, you get more info and settings for your ranges, e.g. names, hide/lock/glue checkboxes, remove button, and you get to see an additional column showing the actual length of each range.

Yeah, I’m aware of that, but often using the editor list for viewing other things like sources or snapshots. That’s why I miss the “At-a-glance” feature, I just want to know without having to click anywhere.

That “if” is why I generally don’t use the Ranges & Marks tab much, since it interrupts editing by forcing me to clutter and unclutter the main workspace.

It would be really great if Goto Start of Range would be available when right-clicking the end of a range, while Goto End of Range would be available when right-clicking the start.

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