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Hi there, big congrats to ardour3, it s fantastic! and i m just starting to get used to work with it. … one question I have, I dont remember exactly: There was a plan including a video player into ardour3 to sync video, till now i sync via xjadeo (which works out well, too…)
did that happen already?

Work on the videotimeline is ongoing.

The videotimeline and video-player integration have already been merged in Ardour’s git repository.
However, it will take a bit more time and work to round off rough edges before it will be included in public releases.

If you’d like to a help beta-test it, you need to compile ardour from source; configure it with ./waf --videotimeline.

It is actually xjadeo that is used for the video-monitor window: Ardour3 just launches xjadeo (remembers the video-file with the session, time offset and window-position etc).
Additionally A3 also communicates timecode to xjadeo if ardour is not synced to JACK.

Except for the videotimeline itself there’s a bunch of related features to streamline the overall post-production workflow: e.g. extract and align audio tracks from A/V files; export/encode/mux video from ardour (using ffmpeg), etc…

Here’s a teaser screenshot:

Ardour Hopefully soon have a stable version to sync video from the software, I work in mac and Xjadeo video does not work properly is delayed relative to the audio too. Not bad if I’m setting the video if someone dominates this issue I hope can guide me to correctly configure the video. And I’m thrilled with the output of Ardour V.3 hope to see you soon for MAC (:

babo if you can catch me sometime in IRC I may be able to help you with Jadeo, but catching me can be very difficult these days as I stay to busy sadly. Short version is I use Jadeo to sync on both Mac and Linux so it certainly can work.


thats great news, thanks . I ll try building from source when i can free some time. great! @babo sync for me never was a problem on linux, alwaysworked smooth…

Hi Robin aka (x42). I’m integrating jack into kdenlive. I read your article “Ardour3 - Video Integration”.
In the QA part you are describing the latency compensation by playing black and white frames
synchronously to audio impulse on every white frame.


  1. What frequencies do you use white -> black -> white
  2. What kind of audio signals
  3. How is the synchronization verified? By listening or some tools etc.

@eddrog: Please keep us informed regarding your work. Currently I use Kdenlive with JACK via the Alsa/Jack bridge script from Arch’s pro-audio site, but it would be nice to have more direct support (i.e. to have the transport controls work with Kdenlive).

@calimerox: The videotimeline stuff in A3 is fantastic, Robin’s done a grade-A job of integrating the timeline into A3 design. If you know how to build from the git source you can check it out yourself. Beautiful work.



thanks dp, as soon as i can free some time i ll do that :slight_smile:

compiling newbie question: i get this when i put the command above: waf: error: no such option: --videotimeline

when exactly can i configure while compiling? thanks!

@calimerox: the --videotimeline option has been removed, the VTL code is now enabled by default (as of a few hours ago)

fantastic, I ll try this right now

That is the assumption yes.


^^ Obviously not Paul:)

@seablade: you’re right.

@paul: the --videotimeline option has been removed, the VTL code is now enabled by default (as of a few hours ago)

Does it mean that the videotimeline will be available in the next release?

@x42: Ping?

@eddrog you may want to try to get in touch with Robin via email or via IRC, much better options than here most likely.


i am excited about this but i can’t see any option for video import.

The released version of Ardour does not contain this. The version currently in SVN and being tested does, but you have to be able to compile Ardour yourself in order to test it.

In the meantime you can always sync Jadeo and Ardour to Jack to get video playback sync for soundtracking etc.


Is there a date for the next release?

Is there a date for the next release?