Video tutorial: Producing AFPS anouncer voice lines with Ardour

My new video! Enjoy :slight_smile:


WORLD: oh yeah


Your mystery at 42:40 is the mono to stereo panner.

The mono signal is distributed equal power to master bus left/right. This results in -3dB gain reduction per channel.

Ah yes, I thought it’s gotta be the pan law!

Unfa - such a great video! I really dig your stuff! It’s what helped me getting into Ardour, and I keep pushing it on others because they are great, entertaining, down-to-earth introductions for those who just want to get going.

Thanks, man!

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Also - where do I file the feature request for a confidence-plugin?
I find myself needing one every time I work in sound…

I think that plug-in just needs to compile for a couple years while you make as much music as possible - eventually you get a grip of things, gather a greater understanding of what you’re doing an gain confidence.

Experiment! Go wild! have fun creating things and learning! You can just tell people “this is experimental music” and they can’t tell you it’s bad :smiley:

For the first few years my music was pretty horrible (I see if now), only after that it started getting good enough that people would not mind hearing it, and later they even started wanting to hear it.

The more you work your skills, the more you experiment, the more small projects you complete - the more you learn and the faster you’ll get to the point where you know what you’re doing and feel confident in your skills.

Then again - confidence doesn’t necessarily reflect skill. It’s good to make sure you’re not delusional about your abilities - either over- or underestimating them. The former will set you up for taking up more than you can chew and embarrassing yourself, but the latter will paralyze you with fear of failure.

Don’t be afraid to fail - it’s necessary if you want to grow. Enjoy the fun, and just look forward to the new things you can learn and do. Over time you’ll accumulate skills that will come together and let you make awesome music!

Don’t lock up on getting things perfect. I’ve seen too many times someone never finishing their first track, because they want it to be perfect, and they’ll polish it for years before dropping music all together.

Make a lot of tracks - the work done when you cal it done, and remember that getting something 80~90% perfect is already good enough, and going for 99% will most likely pointlessly draining your resources and excitement. Going fro 100% is just plain counterproductive - if you realize that nobody really knows what your intent was - all they have is what you’ve made. Nobody will notice the missing 20%, or 10%, or 1%.

And when you realize that life is short, and there’s so much more you can do - that’ll help you to stop obsessing over stuff you didn’t polish to 100%. If you look close enough you’ll realize you can find flaws in any media ever published. Because everyone has a different scope. So just don’t worry about it.

Make music, have fun, learn a lot and don;t fear criticism and failure - they will help you grow!

Thanks for coming to my motivational speech.

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cheers man! :smiley:
I do enjoy it - a lot - even though I’m mainly doing podcasting (montage/narrative stuff) at the moment.
And this community, and this DAW and being able to work and demo free software to convince others of its qualities, is a great place to be at.

Your videos could maybe be included with the Ardour install and be selectable as “the confidence-booster plugin!” - then when one selects it, it would play a random Unfa-video tutorial :laughing: