Video timeline mismatch

hi there,
this is my first attempt to create a soundmix to a given video and I’m asking for little help:

Problem: video length (mp4 h264/mp3 992x720) is about 8 minutes, after importing into Ardour it is stretched to about 14 minutes.
The Xajedo monitor displays the original video timecode (referring to original video length), the thumbnail track shows up only half.
Consequently the video runs in a kind of slow-motion, when Ardour transport is running.

I’m running up-to-date Arch, Ardour-6.6 is installed in /opt,
ffmpeg version is 2:4.4-3

Jack is running on 48kHz

According to the Ardour manual I ran the “” script successfully, harvid stuff is installed in /home/suse/bin which itself is part of $PATH, no harvid-links in /usr/bin.

I hope I have provided all necessary info,
any hints highly appreciated, thanks for reading,

well my dear, how many fps does your video have?
if it has 50fps, resample it to 25fps and I promise you, you’ll have no more issues :wink:

Try Ardour menu > Session > Properties > Sync > Use Video File’s FPS Instead of Timecode Value for Timeline and Video Monitor

50 fps is not supported by SMPTE 12M, Ardour does not know how to that timecode correctly.

thanks a lot! will try this

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