Video Server not working?

Hi, all!

I’ve just installed Ardour and wanted to import a video. I get a pop-up that says the configured video server isn’t reachable and whether I want “harvid” to start. Cancelling seems only makes the pop-up disappear, while accepting does nothing at first. After a few seconds, the same window appears again.
How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance!

Edit: I also couldn’t find this specific issue anywhere else (forum, bug tracker, documentation), but perhaps I just haven’t looked hard enough.

Where did you get Ardour from?

Thanks for the reply! I’ve made a one time payment using the official website + PayPal

I’ve just tested this on Windows 7 with Ardour 6.7. Works fine here.

When you installed Ardour, have you also installed the “Videotimeline tools” (checkbox in the installer, enabled by default)?

Maybe you have an active firewall or antivirus tool preventing this? harvid (the video-server) by default opens a network port localhost:1554 – localhost ( is usually exempt from windows protection.

Can you try to manually launch C:\Program Files\Ardour6\video\harvid\harvid.exe server and then see if that shows up in the taskmgr and if you can connect to http://localhost:1554/ in a browser?

I’m on Windows 10, Ardour 6.7.0 “Desert Island Selection” (rev 6.7) Intel 64-bit.
I now have uninstalled and reinstalled Ardour, making sure to check everything but one bullet point (since it said that this can cause problems for Windows users), which didn’t seem to be video-related anyways.
It doesn’t seem like the firewall was an issue, but I have also made an explicit rule to allow outbound traffic from harvid.exe.
At no point was I able to access localhost:1554 in the browser. Both starting manually and within Ardour either didn’t have any visible effect in the task manager. When starting manually, harvid.exe did (rarely) appear in the task manager and then disappear within a second.

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