Video Playback With Jack Transport

I am currently working on film scoring with a pull request branch of MuseScore 4 that has Jack Transport sync capability. I have found that MuseScore and Ardour will sync when the Jack Transport is enabled in Ardour… however, the Xjadeo video that is in Ardour will not playback when Jack Transport is enabled. It looks like the internal instance of Xjadeo is pre-configured to sync only with the Jack Transport turned off. The sync controls for the Xjadeo player are grayed out, so I can’t change the sync type inside the video player.

Any solutions out there for this issue?
To test this, you only need to load a video into Ardour, enable Jack Transport and then try to play the project back. You will see that the video does not play. Disable Jack Transport and the video will play with Ardour’s internal sync capability.

Thanks for any ideas!

Which version of xjadeo, and which version of JACK and which version of Ardour are you using?

If you use Pipewire you need xjadeo [0.]8.12 from last month.

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Thanks, that helped. I am on Ubuntu Studio 24.04 with Pipewire, Ardour 8.4 and I had Xjadeo 8.12 installed to system. Your recommendation got me to thinking about Ardour using the system instance of Xjadeo versus the latest binary… so I downloaded the current 8.14 and set it in Ardour. Problem solved!

It may have been some kind of issue with Ardour calling on the system instance that was creating system file routing issues when going to Jack. But everything is good now.