Video Playback Speed

I am doing some Voice Over work. Audacity is more my level of comfort, Ardour being more for audio power-users. Audacity doesn’t have video playback however, and for the V/O work I’m doing that’s essential.

After some effort getting Ardour to work, I successfully imported a video clip. However, when I press play, the speed of the video is not real-time, and is quite accelerated. Probably x2 at least.

I can’t find anything so far to reset the video playback speed. Any suggestions?

I have Ubuntu 18.04 and Ardour5 installed from standard repositories.

What is the video’s framerate?

If it isn’t a SMPTE value matching ardour’s timecde, try Menu > Session > Properties > Sync >
“Use Video File’s FPS Instead of Timecode Value for Timeline and Video Monitor.”

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It was 24fps. In one of those usual maddening things, I fiddled around a lot, I made a couple of new projects and reimported the video a few times and eventually it worked … but there were so many variables I couldn’t tell you what worked and what didn’t.

Thank you for your help. Maybe something was a bit odd about the video as Ardour wouldn’t import the soundtrack; I had to import it separately at the end.

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