Video Monitor Option grayed out


I try to give Ardour3 another chance by designing some sounds to a short movie.

After I installed “harvid” I can import the mov-video sequence and I see the thumbnails.

But I can’t activate the Video-Monitor in the menue “Windows”. Its just grayed out. But I need to see a bigger video on my external screen.

I tried to find something with Google, but there is nothing.

Every hint is welcome. :slight_smile:

Did you get ardour from If not, the problem is with your distribution’s packaging of Ardour.

Mh, that could be the problem. I installed it with pacman. But there are no known issues with it.
But I’ll give it a try and let you know. :slight_smile:

Okay, now its available.
But when I activate it, I got a 5sec lag and nothing happens.
No errors in log. :-?

I do not provide any support for versions of Ardour distributed by others.

No, I downloaded it from and installed it. Thats why its avalable.
But the Video-Monitor did not show up…


You best bet is going to get on IRC (See the #ardour link at the bottom of the page) and ask in there. It sounds like Ardour may not be able to run the appropriate jadeo helper that should work fine.


Hello. I would like to try ARDOUR3 exactly because of Video-monitoring and I am ready to pay for it 1$. But as I can see if I pay 1$ for I can not try ARDOR3, only 2.x…
So does video-monitoring included in 2.x ? or which way can I try Ardour3

Very thanks

You can download A3 for free. You just cannot save any plugin-presets.

this happened to me as well, i build ardour from source (currently 4.3.365, rev 4.7-422-g9f01302).
checked the log (window->log) and it said xjadeo was too old.
pulled it from xjadeo website ( and now it works fine. nobody likes them old :stuck_out_tongue:

super happy with ardour for years, now we’ve got new stuff! (first time i use video).
thanks again to the ardour team, more reasons to continue being a subscriber.

hope this helps.

For various reasons [1], video-support is not directly built into Ardour, but instead Ardour inter-operates with external tools (xjadeo [2], harvid [3] and ffmpeg [4]).

Ardour relies on specific interfaces provided by those tools, and we make sure that those tools are released before an Ardour release which uses the updated API, so that distro packagers can prepare. That generally works well, but what’s missing in some distros is a version dependency declaration (Ardour >= version X needs video-tools >= version Y) so that updating ardour also pulls in those dependencies automatically.

Anyway, all binaries from do include compatible tools. If you get Ardour from a 3rd party, best file a bug report there; and if you compile it yourself, well you’ll have to take care of it yourself… The message in the Log window should point you to

PS @rrosa: “4.3.365, rev 4.7-422” run ./waf configure … ; the first version is the one when you last configured it, some newer features are only enabled when configuring.
Oh and 2016-05-08 we’re on 4.7-990. some 5 hundred and something revisions after you last pulled :slight_smile:

[1] mostly codec licensing and patents. While the implementation is free, some codecs are subject to licensing (mpegla). The goal here is to separate various licensing issues from Ardour itself.
[2] video-monitor
[3] video-decoding for the timeline
[4] import/export