Very slow when clicking on controls (record, stop, etc)

This is my first post :). I’m a newbie with Ardour (5.5.0).

I notice then, when I click on record, play, or others controls then, Ardour is very slow. My HardDrive (SSD) work a few seconds before an action.
Also, when I stop record, I must wait again to “recover” the controls… :frowning:

It’s very annoying :frowning:

Can U help me please ?

First of all, your attention is drawn to the fact that Ardour 5.11 was recently released. Ardour 5.5 is more than a year old at this point.

Secondly, as to your specific issue: it is very, very, very hard to diagnose this in general, and even harder on a web forum, with its slow turnaround time. There are no obvious reasons for this behaviour, but if you want help to try to figure out what is happening, join on us on IRC (links at the bottom of this page). Please keep in mind that there is no guaranteed response on IRC, and you may need to stick around for a long time to get an initial interaction (because of timezone differences).

Thanks to help me.

Ok, I try the IRC canal.


PS : For the Ardour’s version, I’ve buy th 5.5, and how can I update it without lost (maybe) the “proof” of the payment ?

Two options. (1) If you were logged in when you paid, will know about that and won’t ask you to pay again (2) Find the email you got from PayPal which will have your invoice ID, then use the invoice ID to upgrade.