VERY basic guide for creating MIDI in Ardour

This is a VERY VERY VERY basic guide on creating MIDI notes in Ardour, when using the mouse. I wrote this guide for myself, so I can hit the ground running, if I have a break from Ardour, and forget the best steps (as I do sometimes)

Ardour - how to use MIDI sequencer with mouse

Let me know if it might be better if I also paste the steps here.
My example is for AMSynth, but the steps would obviously apply to any other MIDI instrument.

The steps listed are not the only way to get this done, but it is one process that I tend to use.

It’s written as a “Tiddly Wiki” on GitHub.

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Good day,

Your guide is really not bad. Many users would get along very well with your instructions. It’s a matter of routine. A guide is just the approach to routine.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Very good. I use a midi keyboard and rec button 9X%

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