vertical move of region with middle clic

Since have done this so many times (select a region-middle clic it-drag it to another track), I suspect there is a strange behaviour in it since 5.6: everytime it’s done, region is not at the same position (sometime late, sometime early) on the destination track.

Maybe I’ve missed something in the new preferences window?

Tip to people who encounter that: in keyboard shortcuts you can assign some to “Editor/Region/Move to original position”

MIDI or audio?

Audio at least.
When you middle-drag to another track the audio ends up in different vertical positions depending on the position of the cursor when the mouse wheel is released.
This happens in 5.5-749-g2d47705 but not in 5.5-592-g6de15a7

Problem bisected to the snap rework in commit 59daffea1d7

I have notified the author of that commit.

@paul: audio

It was fixed in commit 858e44745ba68 on the 15th.

Thanks peder, I’ll wait next release and since have affected Alt+O to “move to original position”!