Vertical guide

I often feel the need to place a vertical guide spanning all tracks and rulers, e.g. for alignment purposes. Similar to the playhead, but staying in place until I remove them.

Can this be done?

if you create a marker and click on it to select it, you will get a thin vertical guide. You can use ctrl-click to select multiple markers.

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HTH? This is basically what I was looking for! Thanks!

hah! oops! sorry! don’t know my own program sometimes :frowning:

@sciurius: maybe you’ll like in the “view” menu the item “show marker lines”? HTH

Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind.

@paul: Yes, something like that but more than one and permanently visible.
A right click choice “Permanent guide” …

sciurius … i think that to be honest, it’s extremely unlikely that we’d add that feature at any time in the foreseeable future. At best, it might be an option on an individual marker to always show the “full height” vertical line.

In Reaper you get two vertical lines also when selecting a midi or audio region (at the start and end position of the region).
Such a tool would be very handy when moving regions.