Vertical automation snapping/numeric control?

Hi all,

I’ve been having a blast with Ardour 8; good controls, good VST support. I have an issue: I would like to program a pitchbend modulation in half-step increments (with some articulated sliding, so simple MIDI doesn’t cut it). However the automation clips are very finicky - they are continuous, so I find myself frequently inputting “-2.98” when I mean to say -3. Is there either (a) a way to snap automation values to increments that I can choose, or (b) a way to “move up by specified amount” like Blender’s mode of “g0.1x” to move 0.1 in the x direction?

Thanks for your time!

  1. we don’t have automation clips, at all.

  2. there is no vertical snap, sorry (unless the parameter is known to be discrete, which pitch bend essentially is not - the MIDI value is, but the intended pitch bend is not).

There’s really no way to do this graphically at all. Lua could create the required automation automatically, of course.