Versioning of the Ardour Manual.

I would very much like the online manual to have some sort of version number in order to follow the development.

It could for instance be the compilation date or svn revision number, or even better a version number of its own reflecting the magnitude of change since last release.

Is this something that might be added in some future relase?

As the manual is in the ardour subversion repository one way to follow development of the manual is to check out a copy of ardour the ardour source and then use $svn log from within the manual directory to display summary of the changes and then $svn diff can be used to see what those changes are specifically.

Having a version number in the manual is a good idea but it won’t give you any idea as to what has changed in the manual.

If you put this RFE in the issue tracker I will get to it before the next release.

I have posted it under