Version 8.x - MIDI track vertical keyboard updates (very impressive)

@Paul & @X42
I apologize, I do not mean to take up any more of your time, but just had a couple of observations I wanted to share.
I mentioned this before a little in a different post of mine but feel this deserves its own post.
I am sure other users have mentioned this as well, but if they haven’t, just wanted to say how amazed I am at the updates made in the vertical keyboard section. I mentioned that I had some similar ideas about this that I was holding back mentioning because I didn’t think anyone would be interested, but not only did you guys add some of those ideas but made this even better then I could have imagined.
As you guys already know, this was no simple update (at least not from my user based perspective), this included so many decisions that all had to work together. On top of that the fact that this all had to occur in a very limited amount of space.
Speaking of space, I was also in the past trying to think of a way to allow Ardour to show note labels, but never would have thought that it could have been achieved due to this space limitation. You guys had to do a slight shifting of tracks to achieve it but wow you able to pull this off as well.
But things like how the vertical keyboard adjusts with the track height and something that I noticed the other day, when you zoom out and the C values in the keyboard shift over into the scroll bar when no longer fit in keyboard, wow!
Just overall really looks and functions great.

In general though, have noticed that since the MIDI timing was fixed / implemented in version 7 (which I imagine must have been crazy to fix / achieve this) that you guys have really been improving on MIDI elements quite a bit, and really all these updates have been great.
Anyways sorry again I don’ t mean to take up any more of your guys time, but just wanted to say that these updates are noticed and greatly appreciated, really excellent work.

Thank You

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