Version 6 Crashing in Windows 10

I spent a couple of hours earlier working on a session. Saved it and walked away for a few hours. Opened it back up and did a little bit of work.
When I tried to save, the program froze up and I got this error message. It had been running a little bit slowly before I saved the session earlier today. I figured it was because I had a few browser tabs running in the background.
Running a 3.2ghz i5 with 16gb ram, gtx1050ti, and two SSD’s.
Anybody have any ideas?


Not off hand, create an issue on Mantis and if you can, can you attach the session file (Not necessarily the entire folder)?


I don’t know what Mantis is- could you elaborate?
I uninstalled and reinstalled Ardour 6 and the issue still persists. I can save in safe mode but can do little else. If I try to anything like bounce a track to a new waveform it locks up too. The program is also taking a really long time to quit (3-4 minutes) once it hangs and I force quit through task manager.
It’s a pretty big session (50 ish tracks/busses), and I’m not having the same issue when opening other (much smaller) sessions. I’d recently added some of reapers free plugs and added one of their EQ’s (ReaEq) to a number of tracks. Thought that might be having an affect on things but removed all those plugs but it still hung up when trying to save.

Here’s the session file, without any media, of course. Maybe there’s something in there or in the bak file that can shed some light on the problem, code is not a language I’m well versed in.
Problem Session
Thanks for your help!

“mantis” is our bugtracker at

In general we ignore bug reports in the forums, because web forums are an unsuitable medium to manage the lifetime of a bug.

We regret that requires a different account than the rest of the * subdomains.

Most the core ardour users that tend to provide support here in the forums are not on Windows, which makes diagnosing your problem much harder. For whatever reason, the Windows user base (which appears to be roughly half of all our users) does not participate in the community very much.

Thanks for that, Paul. I’ve registered and logged the problem there.

Maybe my fellow windows users are enjoying trouble-free operation of Ardour? This is the first issue I’ve had with the software in the last 12 months or so (between version 5 and 6) that I couldn’t fix by tweaking something in the settings.
I have been enjoying a much more stable DAW experience using Ardour than I had previously over many years of using Pro Tools- until yesterday!

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