Version 2.8.3/5763 crashes at opening!!!

I was very happy to download the new version of Ardour… Now I’m not very happy.
It does not want to open… After launching it it ask you if you want to open an existing project or open a new one.
Then you get the nice logo window and then it crashes… I’m using a MacBookPro 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 1067 DDR3.
I tried to restart the computer but nothing changes… very disappointing!!!
Does anybody knows about this ???
What to do I can’t find the previous version…

I forgot to say that I’m using OSX 10.5.8 and Jackosx, Jackdmp 1.9.2, Jackrouter 0.9.1, Jackpilot 1.6.5.
Thank you for any help!

You should still have the previous version. There is never any reason to delete them on OS X.

Thank you Paul,
Unfortunately I erased it … and now I don’t know where to get it.
If you can point me to where to find it it will be great.
I didn’t know about not deleting in OSX.

We do not make older versions of Ardour available, sorry. We will need to work on solving whatever issues you are having with the current version. Please provide a crash log and the console output, as described on the new users page. I also suggest you try starting ardour several times - there is a bug that has been reported that appears at startup but is erratic. You may have success after several attempts at starting the program. This is not meant as a solution, just a temporary possible workaround.

AFAIK, Ardour crashes on OS X when there’s no outputs in Jack.

Example: in JackPilot Preferences you selected “Built-in Input” as an Interface. In this case Jack server will have 2 inputs and 0 outputs -> Ardour will crash when you try to open a session or create a new one.

it would be kinda handy if Ardour could check for the Jack setup problem and pop up a warning rather than crashing unceremoniously…

I’ve seen where deleting the .ardour2 folder in /Users/yourname has fixed a few “can’t start” issues like this one, for me anyway. Your milage may vary. Might also want to try deep-6ing the .fontconfig folder as well, although I have to admit Ardour runs exceptionally well for me as of late.