Ver 6 files not opening after 6.2 installation!

I was using version 6.2. As per the new notification, I installed version 6.2. But after that when I open my 6.0 song, it wouldn’t open in the new version. Now, even after uninstalling and installing the old 6.0 still the song is not opening. Is this a known issue? Is there something else I should have done when I installed 6.2 version?
Interestingly, when I disabled all plugins (safe mode) then it was opening. But I am not able to use that as I am not able to enable the plugins back after launching the song?
Can anyone help me please?

You can enable each plugin one by one, by clicking in the “led” button at the left of each plugin “bar” in the mixer strip.

But also … what is the error when it “wouldn’t open” ?

No, that’s not what I meant regarding the plugin enabling. When the project was not opening, I chose the ‘Disable all plugins’ and then selected my project file. But, after that opened, I couldn’t find a way to enable them. Anyway, now I am creating a new project using the bounced tracks (both midi and audio) which fortunately I have taken a few days back.

But, still I am facing problems in version 6.2

I am in Windows 10 64 bit.

  1. Version 6.2 just simply hangs and sometimes just vanishes without saying any reason. The application just closes down itself. In version 6.0 also I have noticed that after keeping Ardour idle for a few minutes, then if you click somewhere, it just start showing that waiting icon (the round icon which revolves and the window title would show ‘Not responding’. But, if you continuously working, it’s okay.

Yesterday also, after such a application shut down, when I called the project, it was not opening.

  1. Today, after opening Ardour, when I plugged in my audio interface (it was not connected when I started), the application, just vanished and now my project wouldn’t open.

I have been using Ardour for a few months now and I like it coz of its simple interface and approach in spite of all those features and facilities. But, unfortunately, I feel like I am loosing the confidence (at least maybe in my case!)

Could someone guide me please ?


The flow is usually as follows:

  1. Load session with plugins disabled
  2. Delete half of the plugins
  3. Save a snapshot
  4. Try-Load the snapshot with plugins enabled.

Then iterate until you have found the plugin(s) responsible for the issue.

Thank you for that fast response dear Rohin.
Let me see if I can follow your instruction as they are supposed to be.

I use a plugin called MTPowerDrumkit. I had a track with all drums items which I broke onto separate track for each item (say, kick, snare, tom etc etc) and each of them has a copy of that plugin. I am not sure if that plugin is somewhat heavy and maybe that’s the reason for the current problem.

Can I output my drum individual tracks without the plugin copies in each of them to a midi bus in which I will keep a single copy of that plugin? Does that make sense?


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