Velocity Editing

I want to increase the velocity of all events in a region by, let’s say, + 20.

So that, for example, the first note is set from 85 to 105, the second note from 81 to 101, the third from 83 to 103 and so on.

How can I do this without editing every single note?

Select the notes you want (not lollipops!) and raise velocity with a single move.

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Or you could try the included with Ardour x42 MIDI Velocity Adjust or MIDI Gamma Velocity plug ins

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Or you can use the MIDI Transform tool, with a rule : Set [velocity] to [this note’s] [velocity] + [exactly] 20.


I keep forgetting this exists, and it’s a happy surprise every time someone reminds me. Thanks :slight_smile:

That is not what I mean. I don’t want to set all the notes to exactly 20, but increase them by twenty:

That will increase the current value by 20. It is the best method listed here.

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