Varispeed with Ardour 7.4 (Fedora RPM) unstable

I am trying to use Varispeed to listen to a mix at slow tempo. (I do not care that the sound is lower in pitch.) It works, I am able to listen with -5 semitones for example, but it freezes a lot. “Ardour is not responding : Force quit or Wait …” and I end up force quit, after waiting quite a lot and the CPU goes to the roof.
Crashes happen when I change the speed or when I move the playhead around.
I do not know if other are experiencing such behavior ? (I am using Fedora 38 and Pipewire)

Try without Pipewire, use the ALSA backend instead? Pipewire is still very much in development (On their side) and no idea if it would support varispeed or not very well.

Also make sure to try with a copy of Ardour from this site, even the free version for testing works for this.


It was configured to use Alsa.
I switched to “Jack” (Pipewire) in Window / Audio Midi Setup. And I did not reproduce the freeze …
I did not install the “official” Ardour version.
(Not related but it would be nice to get rid of the little Varispeed window. Closing it revert to normal speed)

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