various problems - stability, distortion at playback , mute...

hello again, i got various stability problems due to a new installation…
i run ubuntu studio karmic on a desktop pc, with a rme multifaceII interface i installed macinnisrr deb of ardour 2.8.6

what i get is: sometimes strange distosion while playback (render is fine…)

it crashes suddenly …

mute doesnt work (guess its that bug also discussed in this forum, thats not so important)

i have exactly the same setup on a thinkpad t60 which works great, but here everzthings crashing and i cant figure out, why,

and another question: maybe i installed an instable rt-kernel… can anyone give me an advice for a stable kernel for karmic? or should i move to lucid…?
i know my thread is quite confusing, sorry for that—
thanks for help!! :slight_smile:

Got pretty much the same problems, also in Ubuntu Studio. Upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 to try to solve the problem, but it didn’t help much. Mute won’t work, and Ardour crashes instantly a lot - often when I use solo or mute buttons. Now I got the Ubuntu repository version, also tried to compile Ardour 2.8.7 with same problems. Not much help… :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s because of some bad luck with hardware combination or something. Ardour has been really stable for me before, but I upgraded both hardware and software since then.

the mute problem can be solved by right clicking on the mute button and selecting where you want to mute (select all if you’re not sure). I’ve fixed this in the latest package, although it will only be available for Lucid. The 2.8.6 package would not install in lucid for me, so you’ll need the new one. And as far as kernels go, I’ve found the stock rt kernel to be quite stable, but then again, I can’t test all hardware.

If you are running Lucid, add this line to your sources:
“deb lucid main”

You’ll find Ardour and many other helpful packages in my new repo. Hopefully this will work for you!

macinnisrr, thanks a lot! i will give it a try when i m back at the studio tomorrow and let you know! And I ll try the stock kernel, lets see if this improves it!

guess i found my problems… thought i need to send MTC and put the controls feedback to run a bcf 2000, which seems not to be the case…
when i unclick them the system at the moment is stable and theres also no distortion in the playback…

You can also try out the latest v2.8.7 debs for karmic from here and for lucid from here

Maybe these versions solve some problems.