Various little questions

Sorry guys,
I have a few usability questions that I bundle here. I guess all this information must be out there, but I am lacking the right terms for the searches.

  1. Is there a simple function that allows me to move a region adjacent to another, so that there is no little gap or overlap?

  2. Is there a way to move regions between tracks, while holding their position exactly? It seems this works when I select a grid-related behaviour, but only when the region starts exactly on a beat. Can I do the same for regions that don’t?

  3. Is there a way to apply volume settings and plugins only to a part of a track?

  4. Is there a way to move tracks up and down?

any help will be greatly appreciated!

  1. Grid set to region bounds and a simple drag

  2. middle mouse button click and drag

  3. Automation (I suggest the mixbus manual for more info…

  4. Click and drag in the right hand sidebar


for 4, select track(s) and/or busses, then use Track > Move Selected Tracks Up (or down) or their respective shortcuts (Ctrl-uparrow and Ctrl-downarrow on Linux/Windows).

(2) has changed recently. Preferences > User Interaction allows one to define how to begin a “constrained” drag.

@x42 Ahh thanks for the heads up.

It really is amazing how fast A4 is developing sometimes, especially with how few developers are working on it on a regular basis. Again kudos to all of you.


Absolutely. Just had the same thought. Ardour has become an amazingly good tool since 4.0. Thanks everybody - also for the replies here.