Vari-speed recording without pitch shift

Hi guys!

I am experimenting with Varispeed: It will possibly be cool sometimes to shape sounds when recording slower or faster…

But it would also be cool to be able to just record at slower speed but in the original pitch, e.g. for overdubbing a complicated part/solo (without transposing and therefore repitching/altering the sound)!

I’ve got @x42’s great Vari Speed Anti Pitch plugin:

I’ve tried putting it in all kinds of places/tracks/positions but couldn’t find a way yet to achieve it: Overdub/record a part to a slowed down playback, but at original pitch (and therefore without repitching the overdub and consequently altering its sound).

How would this work? Thanks in advance

It seems to me that one would need an “inverse” @x42 Anti Pitch plugin for the overdub-recording, that shifts the overdub in the exact opposite direction…? :sweat_smile:

Am I just missing something obvious?

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