Vanishing automation

I’m exploring MIDI in Ardour again since the recent updates and I’m getting frustrated with the CC automation.

The nodes are tiny and awkward to click - is there a way to make them bigger?

When I add a node and try to move it it vanishes, it’s still there somewhere though because it affects the automation on playback.

Peek 2023-11-07 11-49

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Peek 2023-11-07 16-02

Is there a MIDI event editor for MIDI regions so I can manually delete the ghost events?

No one else having this issue?

That is odd, and I have not see this.
Can you check with ACE MIDI monitor (add the plugin before the synth) if the events are indeed not played?


I just tried with a new project and no problem there. I tried again with the previous project and the problem remains. I’ve uploaded it here -

I found that i could not draw in pitch bend (none had previously existed), after one or two node was drawn i could no longer edit the line and eventually it crashed whilst trying to make a node earlier in time on the existing line then dragging the other node.
Ive just repeated it and put a backtrace file up on a bug report Ive made:0009535: midi nodes crash related to D Healeys Vanishing automation post

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