V6.0.35 - Issues with editing regions

Hi all,
Working with Ardour 6 and also a nightly build 6.0.35. Both exhibit the same issue.

When editing multiple regions at once (multi select across several tracks), sometimes a region on a track will not populate in the selection. And what I mean by multi select is to first left click on a region in the first track of interest, then shift-left click on the last region on the last track of interest. Normally all the regions of and between these tracks are selected. I did find that this can happen if a track’s layer is set differently that the others (Stacked vs Overlaid). [Dragging a rectangle selection over all the desired regions does not have this problem]. Is this to be expected?

Also, I found an issue on one of my tracks, which had its main region cut up in some spots for drum editing. Having been included in a multi track selection for region trimming (via shortcut key “j”, the audio contents of the edited region moved to the right. Near 300 msec. Even though I have the editor in Locked mode. But, if I trimmed this track’s region all by itself, the issue would not happen. I must be missing a concept on how Ardour handles editing.

Anyone willing to help shed some light on what I am doing wrong?

Thank you so much,

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