Using Universal Audio UAD2 solo, is it possible?


Is (will be?) it possible to use the pcie DSP card uad 2 solo (or uad2 with all models) with Ardour? Maybe using Wine (or not)?

I tried to re-sell this card (not unpacked) because i still not have pciexpress bus… and there is all plugins i want with the available linux package. I will probably keep it ;-(

To understand==> This card (offered) was included in a pack with the Universal Audio 710 twin finity

Thanks for your contribution and thanks for answers!

@motrax: no, its not possible to use this with Linux. It would require device drivers for the UAD, which do not exist. Years ago, UAD did talk to me briefly about creating them, but there has been a lot of turnover there and I don’t believe its likely to ever happen. You can, of course, use it with Ardour on OS X.

thanks Paul for your reply!

i understand.

I have just contacted the support of Universal Audio to explain them the case and them demand if it is possible to make something for this subject! I hope that he can understand our confusion and try to bring their stone as would make the other companies as RME TC Electronics Echoaudio Edirol Focusrite Terratec etc…

I passed on to them this link!

While waiting for the suite…

Thank you Paul for your work and for everyone those who cooperate

if UAD got their dsp and plugins working wellunder Linux and I might have to consider purchasing them, as it is though I suspect Paul is going to be correct sadly.


ohh… I do not have more than to cry!

Please Universal Audio do something for us :wink: !!