Using two RME units Simultaneously

Hello I was hoping someone could help
with this question:

I have a Thinkpad Laptop 2.0 Ghz with a gig of ram.
Im currently using the RME digiface which
is great. But I need 32 channels of Adat
optical, it only gives me 24.

Im thinking of getting a multiface, but
wonder if its possible to use both together
simultaneously, with my laptop.

I was reading an earlier thread that
seem to suggest this is possible.

can my laptop handle to cards simultaneously???

anyway I would appreciate any help possible
thanks in advance



If your laptop has two pcmcia slots it shouldn’t be a problem, CPU load is handled in the end by the RME :^) you would just have to connect the multiface to the digiface with a wordclock cable to sync them. JACK doesn’t like having two cards, so you’ll have to fiddle out with ALSA in your .asoundrc to get ‘em both workin’ as a single card (to be used lately with JACK). I remember I saw an .asoundrc with an example of this somewhere … take a look for instance on old posts on the ardour mailing lists or perhaps on the alsa project site.

good luck!

It’s not about recording, it’s about freezing time …