Using the fader of a PreSonus FaderPort to automate arbitrary plugin parameters


I use Ardour 5.12.0 and wanted to use the fader of a PreSonus FaderPort Classic to write an automation track for an arbitrary plugin parameter (e.g. the gain of a-Amplifier or the frequency of a parametric EQ point).

Basically the MIDI learn process works like described in The Ardour Manual
But it just didn’t seem to work with the PreSonus fader right away.

The reason (I think) is, that when your finger touches (or releases) the fader, a different MIDI event is sent compared to the events when actually moving the fader.

So in order to get it working, I had to do the following:

  • touch the PreSonus fader with the finger of one hand, and keep it touched (that’s the important part)!
  • press Ctrl-MiddleClick on the to-be-automated slider in the automation lane
  • move the fader, when the “operate controller now” popup appears
  • then move the fader all the way up and down once, until you see the automation slider mirror the movements

PS: keep sure to disable the PreSonus FaderPort in Preferences → Control Surfaces, otherwise moving the PreSonus fader will modify the track fader as well as the automation slider…

Ardor 7.0 will be available soon. Perhaps this bug has been fixed in Ardor 7.0. Stay tuned.

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