Using the BCF2000 to control plugins in ardour.

I was wondering if anyone out there uses the bcf to control plugins in ardour. I’d like to use one of the rotary dials to control the amount of reverb I send to a track… Could I use the same rotary in different modes to control the wet/dry signal ratio as well as the panning? Has anyone done this?

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Control-MiddleClick on the plugin parameter control, then wiggle the MIDI controller knob/fader/slider that you want to use. Done.

If this doesn’t work for you, be sure to let us know.

Note that Ardour does not add wet/dry mix control to plugins. If the plugin itself does not have this control, you can’t do this as described. Instead, you need to create a bus, add the plugin to the bus, route the audio from the track to the bus as well as its existing outputs. Then you can control the level of the bus, which is effectively the wet signal. (Again, Control-MiddleClick on the gain fader for the bus). There are ways to do this with sends too, but at present, you can’t automate the gain level of a send which may make that less useful.

You can bind a single MIDI control to any number of parameters (gain, pan, plugin parameters). If the BCF rotary sends a different control in different modes, then as far as Ardour is concerned, its a different control. We don’t have any idea that its the same physical knob.

Thanks, I’m trying to get used to the bus method.

Luke MacNeil