Using Stereo plugins on Mono tracks

Hi all.

Normally on Linux plugins such as Gate or Compressor are found both in Mono or Stereo, however i downloaded several freeware VST plugins including gating (TAL Plugins, Digitalfishphones Plugins and others) hoping i could use them normally but i find them only available in Stereo tracks such as mixbuses or master track, i know A3 has a workaround for this built in, and in A2 (and mixbus bound to it) does not, actually what i´ve used in A2 is a LADSPA splitter so:

  • Does anyone know a similar workaround for Mixbus on Windows?
  • Is there a possibility for Mixbus @ Windows in the future to workaround this in a similar way as A3 does?

If I understand you correctly then the best way to do this would probably just be to create a stereo bus that uses the plugin and then use a send to the bus from whichever mono tracks you want with the plugin. Not sure about mixbus’s plans for the future though.


The easiest option is to use stereo tracks. You can drag mono regions (wave files) onto the stereo playback tracks, and everything will “just work”. The only problem might be if you want to record a mono signal … you’ll either have to record to a mono track and then move it to the stereo track for mixing, or you’ll have to record the signal to both sides of the stereo track.

Conceptually, it’s very simple to use only the “left” side of a stereo plugin. Unfortunately the current implementation makes this really tricky to fix in the code. So I can’t comment on a possible timeline. But it is on our list to fix.

@plingativator: Thanks! i did as you said and in worked excellent for the gating … BUT now the tracks i gated have a latency (and probably Phase issue added also) which i don´t know how to “smartly” compensate:

The first idea that comes to my head is “somewhere is a feature that lets me compensate latency but works on samples and i don´t know yet how to work with that… need to read about it…(and how to know how many samples i need to compensate?)”

The second idea is that doing that i would have to compensate the rest of the tracks compared to the gated tracks, and that means about 11+ tracks to compensate… that doesnt seems smart at all… there should be an easier way…

Now theres the kind of obvious but lame way which is moving those tracks back in time to compensate…

So, i´ve read that Mixbuses are compensated, but i´m going: Track A -> Send to Bus -> Gate Plugin -> Mixbus -> Master for drums and on Overheads i´m using: Track B -> Mixbus -> Master but my guess is i´m bypassing it… doing something very wrong…

You guys know the software back and forward, i´ve never dealt with latency compensation on ardour or any DAW, what would be the “right / smart” way to solve this?

Thanks in advance for reading and helping!

@BenLoftis: thanks! that makes a lot more sense, and in this case is not a problem since i´m exporting the edited regions from Ardour 3 to do some mix-tests in mixbus at home (where i can only use Windows atm).