Using source code to run Ardour on Windows

Is there any way i can run Ardour on Win. XP using the source code or any other way. If using the source code could you possibly help me in getting it running because i would like to learn about code but just need to get around to it. Thanks in advance.

Short Answer no.

Longer answer, while there are ports of Ardour that run under Windows, none are currently released, and unless you are a programmer you have EXCEEDINGLY little chance of getting it working, even with help, and it would take an extreme amount of time. Even if you do know how to program it is not going to be an easy process.

You can however purchase Mixbus on Windows, which is Ardour with customizations by Harrison Consoles. If you really want to run something on Windows from Ardour in the near future, I would suggest looking at that.


Thanks so much for being understanding. actually what im probably just going to end up doing is converting my old Intel Pen. 4 PC to run studio and just keep my laptop as XP. just gotta wait for the tech guy to call me and tell me(hopefully) nothings wrong with the motherboard and that it was just a harddrive or ram failure that keeps bringing up the BSOD. dont wanna go out and buy a new board. see you on the flip side.

linux convert’s answer:

Any reason you have to have xp? there are very good (and free) linux options out there. Try or or

AVLinux is probably easiest to set up and best for old machines but least customizable. KXstudio is very customizable but still pretty easy. I personally use ubuntustudio and its great.
All 3 have ardour built in and you can run them from a usb or dvd without changing your system to try it out. Try them all! There are lots of people who will be happy to support you (myself included) at the forum.

Dream Studio is awesome.

Don’t forget Dream Studio (!

Using Dream Studio 12.04 right now, its great, however i keep a W7 install on both my laptop and PC with mixbus and a few plugins just in case i have some alsa or firewire problem that i cant handle at some point, which happens less and less over the time, however my Focusrite interfaces are programmable via Windows so…

You know what bugs me? Mixbus can’t handle standard VST plugins since they’re mostly Stereo or Dual Mono or i don’t know but cant use a simple Noisegate on a Kick track because the track is mono, and is kind of annoying having to take that to mixbus just to get it gated or whatever… in Linux thats no problem of course…

@caboose1835: if you have a lower end PC, i strongly recommend AVLinux which is great, however any Ubuntu based audio distro (Ubuntu Studio, Dream Studio, KXstudio) are WAY MORE USER FRIENDLY, especially Dream Studio (sorry, haven’t tried KXstudio yet).


Can’t say I have ever had that problem on OS X and with AUs, I would suspect the problem is the plugin is ONLY stereo, and not mono at all, and you are trying to insert it on a mono track. AUs can have multiple versions inside one plugin, and Mixbus/Ardour will select the correct version, but not sure about VST’s capabilities in this regards.