Using plugin with 2 inputs/outputs for a mono track


I’ld like to add reverb to my recording as a pre fader
plugin for a mono track.

I’m using ardour 2.4.1 under Debian Etch and would
like to use the TAP Reverberator
(part of Debian package tap-plugins 0.7.0-2).

This plugin has got 2 inputs and 2 outputs.
When I add it for a first time to a mono track
everything works fine, although the number of inputs
of the plugin and the track do not match.

When I try to add the same plugin to a second mono track
and the first one is activated I get the massage from Ardour:

You attempted to add a plugin (TAP Reverberator).
The Plugin has 2 Inputs
but the insertion point there are
only 1 active signal streams.

This makes no sense - unless the plugin supports
side-chain inputs. A future version of Ardour will
support this type of configuration.

My question is why it is working for the first adding of the plugin
and for the second not?

Remark: I like the sound of the TAP Reverberator and have yet not found an other
mono reverb plugin with the same sound.



This is a bug that is already fixed. If you build Ardour yourself, its present in the SVN repository; otherwise, it will be in version 2.5. Apologies for the error.


I’ve tried to build the latest svn release(Revision 3419),
but I get an error while building.

libs/ardour/ In function ‘ARDOUR::microseconds_t ARDOUR::get_microseconds()’:
libs/ardour/ error: ‘jack_get_time’ was not declared in this scope
scons: *** [libs/ardour/globals.os] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

Maybe I have to wait for the next stable release.

Is the bugfix that I get an error message also for the first use of the
2 channel plugin?
The error message says that the use of a two inputs on a mono track will
be possible in a future release. Can you say anything about the timeline?

Many thanks


Your version of JACK must be very old in order to get that error.

Ardour 2.5 should be released within the next 3-5 days.