Using one license on two machines


as I am probably gonna switch from my mac book to a unix laptop soon, so I am curious if I can install Ardour once now on the mac book and then again on my new Linux laptop?

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Considering there is no ‘license’ for Ardour… yep:)

You can subscribe (While logged in to the website) to Ardour and download the full version as many times as you want. If you buy once, under a certain threshold you only get that one copy, I want to say it is $45, but I am sure Paul will correct me on it. If you pay over that threshold I think you get updates as well.


Heh Ill correct myself since it is on the download page…

Single Payment If you choose to pay less than US$45, you will get the current version and updates (e.g. buy version 5.0, get access to 5.1, 5.1, etc. but not 6.0). If you choose to pay US$45 or more: get the current version, updates and the next major version, plus access to nightly (development) builds.

As of this posting (10/20/2016)


The license allows you to install Ardour on as many machines as you want.

It also allows you to give copies to your friends (and enemies), just for the record.

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Ahh good point, correct something else about my post. There is a license, it is the GPLv2, which applies as described above, and in other ways. There is no DRM attached to Ardour would have been a better way of saying my response. Sorry about the confusion.


Thanks a lot for the replies, that’s great news :slight_smile:


Sorry to bump this old topic but I am not sure about what is possible for the one-off payment option. If one purchases a copy of Ardour with a single payment, e.g. $45, does this provide a copy for the selected platform only or can one subsequently download for another platform, e.g. if I were to purchase a copy for GNU/Linux Intel/AMD 64-bit, would I need to make another purchase for ARM 32-bit? (I appreciate the preference for users to subscribe and understand clearly from the website the advantage of paying more than $45 for one-off payments but would like to understand (and see detailed on the website) what is provided with one-off payments.)

You can go back to Get Ardour | ardour at any time, select the platform you need and when you get to the payment option, select “I have an Invoice ID”. Enter the invoice ID (found near the lower left of the email invoice you received from PayPal) and you’re good to go.


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