Using Multiple monitors

Hi, I use two monitors (screens) with my MacPro and for some reason when I have, for example, my Edit window on the left screen and my Mix window on the right, certain aspects of the window on the right screen do not function such as the plugin selection menu, has anyone else had this problem and if so, is there any way of rectifying it?

Many thanks


@Benjamino1979: the spam part was a reference to the post that immediately followed yours (it has since been deleted).

To answer the OP, it is a known bug with the GUI toolkit we use(GTK). Work is being done to address this, but it requires some very deep changes so it will take a while.


Ok cool thanks, I was hoping it was just a check-box somewhere that needed changing but I guess I’ll have to wait ;p

I don’t understand the bit about this being a blog or spam though.


Ah ok, thanks.

I eagerly await multi-monitor goodness! :wink:

@Benjamino1979: you could just switch to Linux where it works perfectly :))