Using MIDI part of PreSonus AudioBox1818

I can’t seem to get MIDI to work between Ardour and PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL. I can get the audio from the synthesizer into a track, but I can’t seem to get MIDI information.

When I go to the MIDI recording section of the reference manual, it is empty.

I would like to set my various synthesizers to listen on a particular MIDI channel, but I can’t seem to set the MIDI channel for a track or for a output or capture channel.

I’m running OSX 10.7 and I just downloaded the binary for Ardour. I installed the older Presonus universal driver to match the OS version.

Any ideas?

It would be a lot faster to assist you on IRC where we can interact in real time. See the link(s) at the bottom of the page. EU Central to US Eastern daytime tends to be the best time period for help.