using MIDI notes as button control signals

Hi All,

I have been trying to setup a template with my A&H Zed R16 MIDI functions.

I can assign faders an knobs easily …
The MMC buttons work well too.

What I haven’t been able to do is assign the general purpose buttons. These send MIDI note data instead of controller values. This is fixed behaviour of the device.

I’d like to configure them to skip to jump points and also scroll up and down through tracks.

Is this possible (CTRL MIDI click doesn’t seem to work for this) .



Maybe I need to make a binding map for this and then I can have button functionality with notes?

Yes, you do. But the ease of it depends on whether the buttons send data on press and release.

thanks @paul… I’ve been avoiding this for years… but now it’s time… :slight_smile:

velocity of 127 on press and 0 on release…

ok, velocity 0 == note off, so that means you get distinct messages for press and release. this is good news.

ok… got a few options to play around with… (and a few combinations of controllers)…
would be good to settle into a permanent controller setup, in previous mixes I’ve spent too much time MIDI learning etc…