Using MainStage sounds with Ardour

I’m glad that the latest version of Ardour allows midi sequencing on the Mac version, so I donated to get it. However, I’d really like to use the midi sequences in Ardour to control and record sounds from MainStage. Is this possible?

You have to use a audio routing program like JACK(OSX) or Soundflower.
Play the instrument in MainStage and route it into Ardour. Done. :slight_smile:

I want to do the same thing… It’s very sad, that there seems to be no other way e.g. use MIDI-Sequencing with the Instruments included in Mainstage. Audiorouting seems to be possible though, but then again, this is not easy to change the sounds after recording. Is there any other way to use Mainstage as an Instrument controlled by Ardour? Re-Wire-Support maybe?

JACK does what you want. Forget Rewire.