Using Logic Pro X project files in Ardour it possible?

Hello, Does anyone know or have tried moving music project files from Logic Pro X daw to Ardour 5? I have been wanting to make the full move to Ardour DAWs…Thanks

I don’t think there’s any way to open a Logic project file in Ardour; if there’s a way to export stems from Logic with processing included (to retain whatever changes you’ve already made), that would be the way I’d do it: export stems with processing, import those stems in a new Ardour project, and carry on. Or if you want to start over from scratch, either export stems without processing or import the original media files into Ardour. If you used MIDI in Logic, I’m not sure of the best approach since I don’t use MIDI in general.

Wow…thanks for the info…I will check that out, and post some feed back on it…Thanks again !!

Looks like there are some instructions here:

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