Using Laptop mic

Is it possible to use my laptop mic to record, just trying to learn how everything works. looked through the manual and it seems Arb already sees the mic I just not sure how to config the WS to record with mic.

Oryx Pro 17", POP OS 22.04

If Alsamixer and/or the Gnome system settings (POP OS has Gnome, right?) see it, then in theory it’s possible to use the built-in mic of your laptop, just as I could use the built-in mic of my webcam…
Are you running Jack as well? If yes, then QJackCtrl or Cadence (from the KXStudio repos) should also “see” the microphone…

yes I have Jack and PipeWire GUI and dont see it. I try use voice recorder to see if it needs an app to show up. Thanks

I’d recommend checking out the System76 audio troubleshooting page.

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