using GM drumfiles with ardour

How can I make Ardour make play back GM files using soundfonts? I have tried using fluidsynth as a plugin, loaded the GM or GS soundfont and importing a GM drumfile. But all I get is the sound of a single instrument not the drumset, no matter if I choose ‘general Midi’ in the midi channel or send all notes on channel 10. Drum gizmo and drmr are working fine, but thats not exactly what I am looking for.
Does any one has an idea of how to make this work??

thx in advance

Found the answer by myself. Loading fluidsynth GS soundfont shows, for what reason ever, only SFX. Fluidsynth GM Soundfont offers a bunch of drumkits to choose from. So I simply load the soundfont, import a general-Midi drum file and here we go…
Too simple for people who use to think around corners…