Using fader port and fader max gain vs software gain

With ardour; isn’t the max gain in software +6 DB and the presonus fader port and many others have a +10DB max fader knob.

How does this work with ardour, when you push the fader up what does the hardware fader go up to, 6 or 10.

Such devices do not send “+10dB” messages to the DAW. They send a MIDI message to the effect of “I’m at the top of my range of motion”. How that gets interpreted is up to the receiver (the DAW), not the sender.

I had a midi controller that I have tied to use but it doesn’t remember my settings after I used it for another track also not motorized. Does fader port properly remember fader positions, I assume so based on the design of the fader port. But when you mention midi my mind is going places.

Controllers generally do not “remember” anything, either they are non-motorized and the current fader position is what is sent as the value, or they are motorized, and move the faders to the position received as feedback from the DAW.