Using EZDrummer with Ardour


I would like to use EZDrummer with Ardour. Earlier I was using Hydrogen. Everything connected with Jackd. What was cool is that when I turned on play button in Ardor, it automatically turned on too in Hydrogen. Is there is possible have the same with EZDrummer? I have installed EZDrummer in Carla (don’t have EZD vst plugin). I can redirect sound from EZDrummer to Ardour but I have to push Play in 2 places. Of course, there is no synchronization. Maybe you know how to put it together and if it’s not possible, what ways do you have to record using EZDrummer and Ardor?



Why don’t you have the VST? Really if you want this to work in a sane way you should find/obtain the EZD VST and use yabridge… Carla has it’s strengths for sure but after (a) yabridge and (b) LinVST it is by far the worst way to host Windows Plugin on Linux.

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