Using external USB mic as input, with built in speakers as output?

Hi there. I just got a USB mic that I would like to use with Ardour, but I just can’t figure out how to use it.

When I plug the mic in, I see in in my system preferences pane as an input that I can select and use, and it works just fine with Audacity and Amadeus II(some other basic editors for the mac), but it seems that I can use only one input or output set with the JackPilot app at once.

In the JackPilot preferences, under the “Interface” drop down list, I see “Built-in Audio” and my USB mic. If I select “Built-in Audio”, start the Jack server, then start Ardour, when I create a track I have the options to use coreaudio as my ins and outs in the track/bus inspector. I can even create a new track and start recording audio from the built-in mic(it’s a laptop) to a track and play it back through the speakers.

When I do all the same but select my USB mic in the JackPilot app’s preferences, when I open Ardour, I get the message

[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour:auditioner/out1 (ardour:auditioner/out1) to coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in1 (coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in1) [ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour:auditioner/out2 (ardour:auditioner/out2) to coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in2 (coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in2)

and my USB mic is listed as inputs that I can use with my tracks, but the built-in audio out is no longer an option for output, so I can’t hear anything. Not only that, but even when I am able to select my USB mic as an input for my track, record enable the track and try to do a test recording, all the track records silence.

Is there a way to use the input that I select in my system preferences pane in Ardour, or add both the built-in audio and my USB mic in the JACK interface options?

Hey! Many years later, I’m running into the same issue- I cannot seem to configure JACK for the external-in/builtin-out scenario. Any insights?


Short version is it is discouraged for multiple reasons.

Longer version:

Other version, if you use something like the ALSA backend instead of Jack, you can use two half duplex devices, so long as you don’t need the power Jack provides.


@seablade: The ALSA backend will only start with one half-duplex or a full-duplex device. It won’t resample or allow to combine two half-duplex devices.

JACK with alsa_in/out or zita-a2jbridge is currently the only option to use multiple devices on GNU/Linux.

on OSX, upcoming Ardour 4.1 will allow to combine devices.

Short of using a nightly build or wait for 4.1, you can use the OSX “Audio Midi Setup” (Applications > Utilities) and create an Aggregate Device manually.