Using chunks as loops


first of all I would like to say thank you to the programmers who make Ardour. It is a wonderful program.

Since my band split up, I am playing at home. I have a bunch of drum recordings I often reuse for my purposes. I discovered the chunk section, where I save different regions of the drum recordings to use them as loops. That works pretty well so far.

But I want to use the chunks/loops I created for every sessions, so my question is: Is there a way to export the chunks, so I can use them in other sessions? That would make my life much easier.

What would make working with chunks/loops even better would be a directory where all chunks from every session are stored and one could access them through the chunk section in the right sidebar in every session.

This leads to my next question: Is there another way to insert chunks than this:

  1. Click on the chunk-name in the right sidebar
  2. Ctrl+C to copy
  3. Insert it on the marked track with the context menu (where the option to insert the chunk is in the Edit submenu which I find confusing – shouldn’t it be listed along with »Insert selected region« and »Insert existing audio«?)

I tried drag and drop, which would be the fastest solution, but it didn’t work.

I know that there are workarounds, but I think the chunks are a wonderful way to deal with situations where a loop is needed. They are easy to make, but unfortunately not that easy to access, so a better solution than mine (if there is one) would be really appreciated.