Using ardour with fp10

anyone else using a presonus fp10 with ardour? im running ubuntu studio for amd 64 chipset . i seem to be off to a decent start just wondering why im having issues trying to run 24 bit 96khz. sounds pretty darn good at 48 khz and the latency is almost gone but i am curious.

Hard to guess with no description of what your “issues” are. Does it work but have xruns? Not start at all? Seem to start but have horrible distortion?
Are you using the ALSA firewire drivers or using the FW drivers included with jackd?

Since there are no new Firewire devices being produced, the Firewire software relies on the people who continue to use the existing hardware to find and fix any problems that get introduced to the existing drivers. From what I have heard the ALSA drivers never became as stable as the previous FFADO drivers, so if you are using ALSA it might be worth the trouble to learn how to configure jackd so you can use the FFADO drivers.

If 48k operation is working OK for you I would recommend just using that for now, save the extra work until you are confident that the configuration you have now is working reliably and you can get back to it. The process of switching to the FFADO drivers with jackd is a bit convoluted (depending on how comfortable you are with making OS configuration changes). You have to edit some files to tell the kernel to not load the ALSA firewire drivers and reboot the system so that there are not conflicts between the ALSA and FFADO drivers, then run jackd with the FFADO driver backend. If your device is working OK at 48k it would be a lot of hassle for little to no benefit.

thank you! i am new to linux. so far i just get heavy distortion when trying to run 96 k havent had time to set my wifi up yet so im unable to watch tutorials at the moment. i will definately keep on the ffado setup. once i can view some tutorials

I used to have 3 FP10 in a chain with linux but it was a very long time ago. Only ran 48k since that is more than enough and did not have any problems except when computers/fw-interface had non-texas instrument chip or bad TI chips.

Used my 3 FP10s as a Ardour-driven mixer with a couple of Behringer BC2000 controllers as fader boards.

FP10 is rock solid or at least was back in the days with ffado


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