Using Ardour w/Mackie Onyx 1620 Firewire

Has there been any development for a driver for Ardour 2 to work with a Mackie Onyx 1620 using firewire?

I see the Mackie Onyx is listed on the FreeBob hardware list, but I have no idea how or where to find a driver there if there is one. I did try installing Wineasio-0.1 (Reaper’s driver) for this setup but it hasn’t produced results.

I’m currently using the Mackie by running Sonar 6 and I am using Asio drivers in Windows XP. I’m very curious to see if I can get this running on Ubuntu Studio.

I appreciate any directions or links anyone could offer. Btw, I’m a newbie in Ubuntu Studio.

Many Thanks, Frank

Firewire devices are supported by FFado (freebob changed it’s name). Ubuntustudio has these freebob drivers by default for jack. You should be able to configure jack to use freebob via the setup page in qjackctl. Select “freebob” instead of “alsa” as the driver and review the rest of the configuration.

After you get jack running with freebob, Ardour will just work.

See for how Ardour uses audio devices.

Thanks for replying. Actually, I’ve already tried setting FreeBob as my driver in Jack settings.

When I add a track in Ardour 2, I get a clicking noise in my hard drive, or it may be my Dvd-ram drive making the noise. I don’t know.

Thanks for any assistance,…Frank

I have the Onyx 1640 and it works great with Freebob 1.0.3. Make sure the periods/buffer setting is set to 3 not 2 though.

OK, now I’m getting a heavy feedback noise whenever I try to add a track in Ardour. Everything is silent until I try to add even the first track. Then I get feedback. I don’t even have my monitor speakers on !

I’m using the FreeBob driver. Any ideas ? I appreciate your help,…Frank

Try Options > Monitoring > External Monitoring.

Ubuntustudio doesn’t include the latest Ardour version in which External Monitoring is checked by default, so you might have Software Monitoring activated which you probably don’t want.

Sounds like you have an internal loop somewhere. You might want to check your routing.