Using Ardour on Asus Eee PC 900

I wanted to know if anyone has installed Ardour on an Asus Eee PC 900. I am thinking about picking one up and wanted to see how well this program would work on this system. Also, is Ardour able to export files to another DAW such as Digital Peformer?

Any help would be great.

No idea about the EEE. Ardour can export audio files to a wide variety of formats, including many that are recognized by several other DAWs (though in generla Broadcast WAVE or BWF is your best bet). It is generally not possible to move an entire session from one DAW to another, no matter whether one of them is DP or Ardour or anything else, though there are some tools starting to emerge (SSL’s ProConvert) that can do this to a limited extent. Most people settle for moving all the audio as BWFs and leave it at that.

There is another thread that it can be done.
I tried myself on my eee, under the default Xandros easy mode, and it seems to work.
I searched using synaptic and it gave me an old version 0.98 of Ardour. But it installs and runs. I had to increase latency. it works smoothly at 120ms, and possibly lower.
I recorded on a USB stick, with 48kHz sample rate, stereo. this seems enough to capture a single track.