Using Ardour for sound design?

Just wondering if anyone is using Ardour (or is aware of ardour having been used) for sound design for a dramatic production?

Is it suitable? Mixing dialogue, sound effects, music, etc?

Specifically, audio drama - but I guess that’s effectively a special case of video/film work.

Short version, yes.

Longer version, what exactly are you trying to do? I wouldn’t use it for playback for instance, but for any DAW work I have used it successfully for many years.


Ardour has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a professional DAW. What you DO need to provide are the EQs, limiters, synths, etc.

Ardour has sync video, but no EDL or AAF import atm., so you can’t get your NLE project imported in Ardour, unless you purchase a third party file-converter or use stems.

with the mentioned additions (aatranslator for aaf omf etc import) and often also using mixbus (out of convenience) I did all my sound design work for films exclusively on ardour/mixbus since version 2. I d say it works :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I’ve even run shows from Ardour (using markers and “jump to next marker” bound to a convenient hot key). Hell, in improvised shows I’ve even dragged regions under the playhead while it was rolling, to bring in a new cue. I didn’t say that. :slight_smile: I’ve even hooked up a few VLCs to Ardour busses to be able to have overlapping cues, but that’s a bit tedious…
For shows with a budget (and those I don’t run myself), the usual workflow is Ardour, then bounce, then QLab.


Heh didn’t know you came to play in my world at all, remind me to catch up with you and hear what you have designed sometime!


Would it be possible for one of you guys to find a moment to write a workflow tutorial on importing video-projects in Ardour and doing the sound design there?