Using Ardour for live performance

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I’m new here and I have tried to search the forum for what I’m looking for, but couldn’t find a post asking the question I have. (My apologies if it’s already been asked, or if this is a known feature in Ardour).

What I’d like to have:
Be able to have an arranger-like feature, where recorded loops (similar to Yamaha’s “styles”) live in Ardour, but I can control them for live performance by sending input from a keyboard connected to the computer. (Imagine a looped generic style/pattern being used for several songs due to this feature.)

Current setup:

  • Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Audio Interface

So, the real question is, can I achieve something like that using Ardour? Basically, once the loop has been created, is there a way that you can, on the fly, change the chord progression, tempo, etc by controlling it from a keyboard? This would be the best setup for me to have a one-man band where I can record all the tracks I’d want (drums, bass, guitar, piano, strings, etc) and have them play in a loop, but still intelligently modify they sound. This is a feature in keyboards like the PSR series of Yamaha, but the MOXF8 doesn’t have that feature. So, I’m trying to find a “hack” or a workaround that “impediment” using Ardour.

If what I’m looking for can be achieved by a different setup or software, please feel free to suggest it to me.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Short version, not sure Ardour is the appropriate tool for this.


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Maybe you’ll find some of these helpful:

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Thanks I don’t do that style of work myself so don’t have good resources to provide for that type of question, so thanks for finding them.

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Backupband might also work.

(also search for it on the forum for more info, the creator j_e_f_f_g is active on there)