Using Ardour as the MIDI Clock

So I keep amazing myself with how little I understand MIDI…
I am trying to use Ardour as the clock. I am using a Arturia Drumbrute Impact and my soundcard is the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (first generation).
I have a beat programmed into the Drumbrute. I have the Drumbrute’s clock source set to “MIDI”. The MIDI output from the Scarlett is connected to the MIDI input of the Drumbrute, and the Drumbrute’s MIDI output connected to the Scarlett’s MIDI input.
In MIDI connections, I have “Ardour Clock Out” in sources connected to “Scarlett MIDI out” in destinations.
When I hit “play” in Ardour, the Drumbrute does nothing.
What am I missing here?

Ardour Preferences > Transport >MIDI > Enable MIDI Clock generator – is that enabled?
(IIRC in Ardour 5.x it’s Preferences > Sync > MIDI)

Can you check with Ardour Menu > Window > MIDI Tracer if a signal is sent to the MIDI clock port?

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Stuck at work right now but I will check the preferences once I get back to my studio. I do know that when I checked the MIDI Tracer, there was no output for the MIDI Clock out. Thank you as always, Robin.

Thank you so much, Robin! “Enable Mclk generator” was not enabled. Now it is, and everything is just dandy :slight_smile:

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